Central Protecting Dignity: CISF Suspends Constable for Strip-Searching Elderly Woman

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The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) has suspended a female constable for allegedly strip-searching an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair with a hip implant at Guwahati Airport on Thursday. The woman, who was flying to , was accompanied by her granddaughter. After the incident, the woman’s daughter expressed her dissatisfaction on social media. In response, the CISF began an investigation and suspended the personnel involved. The CISF tweeted late on Thursday night that they are looking into the unfortunate incident and have spoken with the passenger. The woman’s daughter, Dolly Kikon, an anthropologist from Nagaland, tweeted about her mother’s distressing experience at the airport security check. She questioned the treatment of seniors and demanded answers from CISF, Assam Chief Minister, and Guwahati Airport authorities. CISF sources mentioned that it is standard procedure to check prosthetics and implants when metal detectors indicate. They are investigating whether the CISF personnel acted respectfully and sensitively towards the passenger. Civil Aviation Minister also expressed interest in the incident. Kikon claimed that her niece was denied a copy of her complaint when she approached CISF. A similar incident involving Sudha Chandran last year prompted the CISF to issue an apology and promise to sensitize their personnel on dealing with passengers with prosthetics. Chandran, who lost her leg in an accident, shared her struggles with security checks in an Instagram video. Following these incidents, CISF conducted workshops with airport security officers and NGO members to educate personnel on assisting physically challenged individuals during check-ins and security checks. The current frisking guidelines were established after a 2016 incident in Somalia involving a wheelchair-bound person carrying a bomb.

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