Stop Exploitation of Patients at AIIMS Now!

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In an effort to crack down on unauthorized individuals from private establishments who exploit patients, the AIIMS administration has shared a WhatsApp number and urged doctors and staff members to report the presence of such agents on the hospital premises.

According to a circular issued by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Director Dr M Srinivas on Friday, the security staff will ensure that all such people are handed over to the police outpost at the hospital for trespassing and exploiting patients. The information may also be emailed to [email protected], the circular said.

The circular mentioned that unidentified and unauthorized individuals from certain private companies, hospitals, laboratories, and radiology centers are often seen roaming inside the AIIMS campus to seek monetary gain from the patients. It is also learned that they facilitate the issuance of OPD cards and admissions, as well as divert patients for laboratory or radiology investigations to private facilities. Some of them sell medicines, disposables, surgical items, and implants, the circular said.

All such unidentified individuals, vendors, and agents are strictly barred from entering the hospital campus, according to the circular. All the doctors, nurses, and staff members are instructed to immediately report to the special WhatsApp number 9355023969 if there is any suspicion of the presence of an unauthorized and unidentified person in the campus or around the departments and areas of the campus. The identity of the person who reports about such unauthorized people will be kept confidential, and appropriate action will be taken to stop the exploitation of the patients.

The circular also asked all the staff members of the AIIMS to ensure that identity cards are worn within the campus. In addition, the staff working in the operation theater shall have their names embroidered on their scrubs. Heads of the departments are also requested to ensure that all the waiting lists are attended, which will prevent the patients from falling into the trap of these agents and getting exploited financially. If any unauthorized person or agent is found anywhere on the campus, the respective area in-charges such as senior resident doctors, faculty members, nursing officers, and other staff shall also be held responsible and deemed to be helping these agents and touts, and disciplinary action as deemed fit shall be taken against them.

It is reiterated that all the doctors, nursing staff, and other staff are being informed to specifically report any presence and movement of unauthorized agents at hospital premises, the circular said.

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