Central Urgent Evacuation and Rehabilitation Efforts in Joshimath

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The number of houses developing cracks in Joshimath is increasing daily, prompting the Chamoli district administration to intensify its door-to-door survey and relocation of families from danger zones.

According to the administration, 678 houses have developed cracks and 81 families have been relocated so far. In Joshimath, 213 rooms in 19 buildings with a capacity of around 1,200 persons have been identified for relocation. Additionally, 20 buildings with a capacity of over 2,200 persons have been identified in Pipalkoti, located approximately 36 kilometers from Joshimath.

R Meenakshi Sundaram, Secretary to the Chief Minister, stated that two hotels, Malari Inn and Mount View, will be demolished in the coming days due to safety concerns. He emphasized the need for safe demolition of these massive structures to prevent any potential harm.

The area is being divided into three zones – danger zone, buffer zone, and safe zone, with surveys being conducted to assess the danger and buffer zones.

When relocating people, their livelihood is also being considered. Sundaram mentioned the consideration of livelihood and the future permanent rehabilitation of the affected families.

The administration is evaluating multiple options for permanent rehabilitation, including providing monetary assistance for families to settle wherever they choose, as well as finding alternative sites and providing land. The evacuation process from danger zones is being expedited due to expected rains and snowfall in the coming days.

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