Miraculous Rescue: Indian Climber Anurag Maloo Revived After Mount Annapurna Ordeal

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Anurag Maloo, an Indian climber, was miraculously rescued from Mount Annapurna in Nepal and revived at Mediciti Hospital on Monday.

After initially showing signs of “gangrene” due to frostbite, doctors are now optimistic about Maloo’s condition as he has shown a dramatic response to treatment.

Hospital sources reported that Maloo responded positively to their call, indicating coordinated brain function, although an MRI test has not been conducted yet.

A doctor stated, “He opened his eyes when we called out his name, which was the dramatic response we had been waiting for.”

Maloo, a 34-year-old resident of Kishangarh in Rajasthan, went missing on April 17 after falling from 5,800 meters while descending from Camp III. He has been under treatment since Thursday. An acclaimed mountaineer, Maloo survived in an avalanche-prone crevasse for three days until he was located and rescued by a team of eight people dispatched by Seven Summit Treks on Thursday.

Mount Annapurna, the 10th highest mountain in the world, is known for its treacherous terrain.

Sobit Gauchan, the pilot of the Airbus H125 that carried out the five-hour rescue operation on Thursday, described rescuing Maloo alive as one of the most difficult and daring operations. “The rescue team was positioned to save him. The goal was to prevent him from getting buried in an avalanche throughout the night on Wednesday. The aircraft arrived at 5:52 am on Thursday, and by 10:30 am, he had been put on board with the help of a long rope. He was then taken to Manipal Hospital in Pokhara for emergency medical treatment. Later, he was flown to Kathmandu in an Army aircraft,” Gauchan said.

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