Central Strengthening India-US Partnership on AI Regulation

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The US Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, emphasized the importance of having in-depth discussions between India and the US to establish a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence (AI). He highlighted the potential for a strong partnership between the two democracies.

During a session organized by the Observer Research Foundation, Garcetti stressed the urgency of staying ahead of AI to prevent potential catastrophic consequences. He warned that failing to address AI proactively could lead to unforeseen disasters.

Despite ongoing discussions on the topic, Garcetti mentioned that there has been no formal proposal from either side yet. He noted that US President Biden has shown strong support for addressing AI-related issues, as evidenced by his recent executive order mandating AI manufacturers to assess vulnerabilities and data security.

Following the India-US 2+2 dialogue, Garcetti commended the progress made in enhancing the defense partnership and advancing initiatives like the US-India roadmap in industrial cooperation and defense.

In advocating for collaboration in emerging areas between India and the US, Garcetti emphasized the importance of focusing on more than just weapons sales. He stressed the critical role of military operations in addition to equipment.

Garcetti also called for discussions on expanding science and technology partnerships to utilize technology for global benefit rather than division.

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