Central Indian Air Force Ready to Face Chinese Activities

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Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari stated on Tuesday that the Indian Air Force has taken appropriate and non-escalatory measures to address Chinese activities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. Speaking at a press conference before the Air Force Day on October 8, he also emphasized the need for a strong military to counter any challenge in light of recent global developments.

Air Chief Marshal Chaudhari mentioned that the IAF has been preparing for various security challenges, including worst-case scenarios, and affirmed its readiness to handle any situation. “We are continuously deployed and remain vigilant,” he said, highlighting the IAF’s monitoring of all Chinese activities along the LAC.

In response to recent incidents of Chinese fighter jets flying close to the LAC, he confirmed that appropriate non-escalatory measures have been taken and a message has been sent to the neighboring country. “Our overall preparation is a continuous process, regardless of Chinese belligerence,” he added.

When asked about the situation in eastern Ladakh, he stated that the benchmark for returning to normalcy would be a return to the status quo ante and the completion of disengagement at all friction points. Referring to the theaterisation plan, the Air Chief Marshal emphasized the IAF’s understanding of the importance of joint planning and execution with sister forces for future wars. “We are not opposed to tri-services integration; our reservations are related to specific structures,” he clarified.

Additionally, the Chief of Air Staff affirmed that the IAF is aligned with the government’s goal of self-reliance in defense production.

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