Crackdown on Terrorist Gang: Six Arrested in Godhra

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The Panchmahal police have apprehended six individuals out of a group of nine alleged members of a “terrorist gang” from Godhra. They have been charged under the stringent Gujarat Control of Terrorism and Organised Crime (GUJCTOC) Act. The police reported that the group has accumulated 45 cases since 2010, including alleged cow slaughter, theft of vehicles and animals, and assaults on law enforcement officers.

The suspects have been identified as Sabir Yakub Hayat, his son Mehfooz Sabir Hayat, Mobin Sayyed Hayat, Mohammad Hanif Yakub Hayat, Mehfooz alias Munna Hussain Badaam, Shabbir Abdul Rab Dav and his sons Muzaffar and Ashraf, and Yakub Ishaaq Daant.

Badaam, who was arrested last week for attempted cow slaughter, is currently in judicial custody in Godhra sub-jail. Meanwhile, Mehfooz Hayat and Mohammad Hanif are still at large.

A report filed at Godhra B Division police station on Sunday stated that the accused, in pursuit of financial gain, use violence and weapons to intimidate civilians, attack government officials, and cause property damage. They have been accused of creating public disorder and instilling fear through terrorist tactics.

Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Godhra, CC Khatana, mentioned that efforts are being made to transfer Munna Badaam into police custody and apprehend the two remaining suspects. Sabir Hayat, aged around 55, has a history of 25 cases related to vehicle theft, cow slaughter, illegal cattle transportation, and assaults on law enforcement.

Khatana also highlighted that the group has engaged in criminal intimidation, assaulting villagers and police informants during cow slaughter raids. The gang, operating mainly in tribal districts such as Panchmahal, Mahisagar, Dahod, and Bharuch, has employed individuals from Mewat in Haryana known for stealing animals. They conduct cattle theft for slaughter in villages across the districts. The gang has been charged under the GUJCTOC Act, with three cases filed against its members since 2019, meeting the legal requirements. This marks the first case in the state involving an organized gang participating in illegal animal slaughter.

The GUJCTOC court in Godhra has remanded the six accused to seven days in police custody.

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