Central Join the Fight Against Drug Addiction in Jammu and Kashmir!

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The National Conference has released a report from its ‘War Against Drug Addiction’ (WADA) committee, highlighting drug abuse as a significant social issue in Jammu and Kashmir. The committee has proposed strategies to address this issue.

Party leaders involved in the report’s creation emphasized the importance of forming groups of party workers, including youth, at the constituency level to make a positive impact.

Recommendations from the report include establishing support groups, implementing peer monitoring programs, and setting up helplines to provide continuous assistance and guidance for individuals on the path to recovery.

The report also stresses the role of the party’s parliamentarians in addressing the drug addiction challenge in JK. They are encouraged to collaborate with district development commissioners, party leaders, and volunteers to ensure access to trained healthcare professionals in vulnerable areas.

Parliamentarians are advised to support the implementation of the National Action Plan for Drug Demand Reduction (NAPDDR), which provides financial assistance for education, awareness, capacity building, skill development, vocational training, and livelihood support for those recovering from addiction.

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