Central Urgent Call for Centre Intervention in Kerala’s Buffer Zone Issue

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Kerala is still dealing with the announcement of buffer zones, and Idukki MP Dean Kuriakose is seeking the Centre’s intervention. The issue at hand is the buffer zones in Kerala. The Supreme Court has made the announcement about the buffer zone, and both the Centre and the state have filed a review petition to challenge the decision. The state was required to submit a report on areas inhabited by people. The state government prepared a report based on satellite survey, which showed the entire area, including residential areas, as forest area. However, satellite surveys do not clearly show inhabited areas, so the basis of the report is unclear. The demand is for the Centre to intervene and conduct a physical verification, as the state’s exercise should be stopped. If Kerala does not conduct physical verification, the Centre should step in. The concern is that if the buffer zone is declared based on this report, people will not be protected and their livelihoods will be at risk. The delay in policy decisions is affecting the state economy, particularly in the agrarian sector and in high ranges where cash crops are grown. Liz Mathew, Deputy Editor of The Indian Express, writes on politics.

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