Central United Opposition Demands JPC and Separate Discussion on Adani Affair

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The Shiv Sena, AAP, and BRS boycotted today’s discussion on the President’s address. The reason for this boycott is that we believe we should not participate in the discussion until a JPC is constituted or a debate is committed to by the Government regarding the revelations regarding the Adani Group. It was important for us to maintain the momentum on this issue, but we felt that cooperation was diluting the issue, so we took a principled stand to walk out.

We are calling for a separate discussion and a JPC on the Adani affair.

Walking out with two other parties may not advance the Opposition’s cause, as it could send a message that the Opposition is divided. However, the message we want to convey is that the Opposition is united in demanding a JPC. The way we strategize on the floor may be different, but the core demand of the entire Opposition remains a JPC and a separate discussion.

We would have preferred if the entire Opposition had boycotted the discussion, as we must understand that when the current ruling party was in the opposition, they frequently disrupted sessions and their leaders defended it as a democratic right. However, in this case, we believe we should hold ourselves accountable for how we pursue our demands, as people want to see our commitment to this probe.

As for boycotting the discussion on the Budget, we will discuss tomorrow what our strategy should be. For now, we believed it was our moral duty to stand up and seek a discussion and a JPC.

Manoj C G is the Chief of the National Political Bureau. He has been covering …

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