Central Strengthening India’s Defense: New Joint Logistics Nodes to Enhance Integration and Streamline Supply Chains

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The Indian Express has reported that the armed forces are planning to establish additional joint logistics nodes nationwide to enhance integration in their logistical requirements and streamline their supply chains. Senior officials familiar with the matter have revealed this information.

As of now, India has three operational joint logistics nodes established in 2021 for logistics integration of the three services. The Joint Operations Division under the Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff has been responsible for setting up these nodes.

The most recent joint logistics node was operationalized in April 2021 by former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen, while the ones in and Tri-Services, Andaman and Nicobar Command, Port Blair were operationalized in January 2021.

According to officials, plans are in place to establish three more joint logistics nodes in Leh, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu in the near future. These nodes will provide integrated logistics cover to the armed forces for various needs, thus integrating their operational efforts, especially during conflicts or wars.

A senior official involved in the development stated that the locations were selected based on their proximity to rail and air infrastructure, while ensuring adequate space for the stores in case of contingencies.

Establishing joint logistics nodes will lead to savings in workforce and effective resource utilization, as well as enhancing interoperability between defence and improving logistics processes. This marks a step towards furthering integration in the military amid efforts to create integrated theatre commands.

“Every node will cater to troops deployed across a vast geographical area,” the official said.

The stocking policy for these nodes will be drafted considering the number of troops deployed in the region, and any potential increases, especially in mountainous areas. It will also account for weather and other challenges that may lead to certain areas being cut off, affecting resupply. The policy will also ensure timely turnover of ammunition to ensure they are used within their specified shelf life.

Another official mentioned that a robust infrastructure will be created, including specialized storage and maintenance shelters based on the equipment profile in them. Over time, officers from all three services will be posted there to ensure complete integration. Each node will come under one of the three services.

While the creation of integrated theatre commands may take some time, efforts are underway to enhance integration in training and logistics among the services. Amrita Nayak Dutta writes on defence and national security as part of The Indian Express.

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