Protecting the Sanctity of Kedarnath Temple: Strict Rules and Legal Action

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The Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee (BKTC) has taken action in response to multiple instances of people creating “objectionable” videos within the Kedarnath temple premises. They have erected signboards warning of potential legal repercussions for individuals caught taking photos or videos inside the temple.

The prominently displayed boards, in both Hindi and English, clearly state that “photography and videography are strictly prohibited”. Additionally, another signboard notifies visitors of CCTV surveillance.

BKTC chairman Ajendra Ajay emphasized that photography and videography have always been prohibited inside the temple, and the recent installation of signboards is simply aimed at better informing visitors of the rules. This decision was prompted by several incidents where people created objectionable content within the temple premises and even inside the sanctum sanctorum.

While the current rule prohibits photography within the sanctum sanctorum, the committee is considering extending the ban to a certain area outside the sanctum sanctorum. This comes after a video purportedly filmed inside the sanctum sanctorum went viral last year, prompting the BKTC to request the government to build cloakrooms for pilgrims to store their mobile phones, wallets, and bags before entering the temple premises.

In a letter to Uttarakhand Chief Secretary S S Sandhu, BKTC chairman Ajay stressed the need for cloakrooms to preserve the culture and tradition of the temples and cited security concerns.

Recent incidents, such as a viral video showing a woman showering currency notes on the Shivalingam and a travel vlogger’s controversial video proposing to her partner outside the temple, have sparked public outrage. The police have also taken action against a Noida resident for a viral video featuring his pet dog inside the temple premises.

Uttarakhand police’s ‘Operation Maryada’ aims to ensure that visitors to religious and tourist sites respect their sanctity and maintain cleanliness. This initiative has resulted in over 30,915 challans or FIRs being registered in the last two months, with more than Rs 71 lakh collected from fines. Additionally, 443 arrests have been made.

Avaneesh Mishra is our correspondent in Uttarakhand. Follow his tweets for updates.

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