Empowering Chhattisgarh Youth: Chief Minister’s Interactive Initiative

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Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel announced plans to hold special interactive sessions with the state’s youngsters to learn about their aspirations and the issues they face, ahead of the upcoming Assembly election. Last year, Baghel visited all 90 Assembly constituencies as part of a similar initiative called ‘Bhet Mulakat’ to interact with the public and make promises for community buildings, school facilities, public grounds, and health facilities.

The new initiative will focus specifically on youth and will be conducted division-wise, as Chhattisgarh has five revenue divisions. The government has also provided funds to Rajiv Yuva Mitan clubs to encourage social work and creative endeavors among the youth. These youngsters will have the opportunity to share their views and experiences with the Chief Minister and ask questions.

The ruling Congress government has been criticized for unemployment in the state, but has taken steps to address the issue, including providing fee waivers for competitive examinations, organizing job fairs, and opening up recruitment for 20,000 government posts. Unemployment allowance is being provided to over 117,000 youths every month, with Rs 80 crore already transferred to beneficiaries. The sports infrastructure of the state has also been strengthened.

The recruitment process was previously stalled due to a court order on an amended reservation Bill, but has since been renewed after a recent court order.

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