Noida Police Crack Down on Anti-Agnipath Protests in Jewar

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The Noida police have detained 10 demonstrators and charged over 200 individuals with rioting and assault during the protests against the anti-Agnipath scheme in Jewar on Friday.

According to police officials, a large group gathered in the Jewar area on Friday to oppose the Centre’s new recruitment scheme for the armed forces. The protesters blocked traffic and threw stones at police officers, leading to a situation of law and order. Eight policemen and a bus driver were injured in the protests, the officials added.

While 10 protesters have been arrested, charges have been filed against 75 named and 150 unnamed individuals. The police stated that they are identifying more people from videos and photos of the protest.

Earlier, senior police officials engaged in discussions with the protesters, explaining the new policy of the Centre and appealing for peace to be maintained.

Security forces have been deployed in the Yamuna Expressway area, and officials have reported that no new violence occurred on Saturday.

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