Central Union Home Minister Amit Shah to Mediate Meitei-Kuki Conflict in Manipur

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Fresh escalation of violence has occurred over the last few days, adding to the tension that has been ongoing for almost four weeks. In response, Union Home Minister Amit Shah arrived in Imphal for a four-day visit on Monday.

During his visit, Shah will hold security review meetings and facilitate discussions between the Meiteis and Kukis to find ways to resolve the situation. A senior home ministry official stated that Shah will urge the two groups to give up their weapons.

According to sources in the security establishment, the presence of armed individuals, many of whom have acquired weapons from armouries in Imphal, has made it challenging to quell the violence. It was noted that certain members of the administration are providing assistance to their community in this conflict situation.

While Chief Minister N Biren Singh attributed the continuing violence to “Kuki militants who are supposedly under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement,” sources indicated that armed individuals from both the Kuki and Meitei communities have clashed with security forces.

Incidents of shooting, vandalism, and clashes between militants and security forces have been reported, resulting in casualties. Additionally, a large number of weapons and ammunition have been reportedly looted from armouries in Imphal.

The administration has only recovered a fraction of the weapons so far and is hesitant to use excessive force to retrieve them. It is hoped that the situation will improve after the Union Home Minister’s visit and discussions with both Kukis and Meiteis.

Shah is accompanied by Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla and other senior officials during his visit to assess the situation and plan further steps to restore normalcy. The communities will be assured of safety and asked to lay down arms to create a conducive atmosphere for resolving the conflict through dialogue.

The security establishment clarified that there is no specific targeting of Kuki militants and that armed miscreants from both communities have been engaged in skirmishes since May 3. The situation is complex and tense, and security forces are working to restore peace.

The rise of two Meitei groups accused of targeting the Kukis is being closely monitored, as the situation has led to the separation of the two communities geographically and the targeting of properties.

Overall, the situation is tense and complex, and efforts are being made to restore peace and resolve the conflict through dialogue.

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