Union Home Minister Amit Shah Responds to Satya Pal Malik’s Allegations with Strong Statements

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah has responded to Satya Pal Malik’s allegations, questioning why Malik did not speak up when he was Governor if what he is saying is true.

During a roundtable organized by India Today, Shah stated that Malik’s criticism of the government is not the reason for his removal, but rather it is due to an ongoing investigation in which he has already been called twice.

Shah continued to express his doubts by saying, “We should also ask why such people remember these things only after parting ways with us, and why their consciences do not awaken when they are in power.” He emphasized that the public and media should question the credibility of such individuals.

Furthermore, the Union Home Minister declared, “I want to tell the Indian public that the government has not done anything that needs to be hidden.” He also added, “When someone is not in power and makes allegations, the allegations must also be scrutinized.”

When asked about the party’s decision to appoint Malik as the JK Governor, Shah replied, “He has been working for the party for a very long time, and he was in my team once. But people can change their colors from time to time in the course of their lives, and the public must recognize it.”

Malik recently claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to stay silent over some alleged lapses he had flagged after the February 14, 2019, Pulwama attack. In an interview to Karan Thapar for The Wire, Malik, who was the governor of JK from August 2018 to October 2019, claimed that the Home Ministry refused to provide five aircraft requisitioned by the CRPF to ferry its personnel, resulting in a large number of security personnel moving by road in a convoy and becoming the target of a deadly terrorist ambush.

On Friday (April 21), Malik said that he has been summoned by the CBI for questioning in connection with a case of alleged corruption in the Union Territory. The case pertains to allegations of irregularities in an insurance scheme involving Anil Ambani-led Reliance General Insurance. It was registered after Malik made allegations of attempts to bribe him in the matter. “The CBI officials called me and asked if I am going to be in one of these days. I told them I will come to Delhi on April 23. They want to seek some clarification on the schemes, for which I will have to go to their guest house on Akbar Road,” Malik told .

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