Unraveling Global Economic Trends with Ruchir Sharma at Express Adda in Mumbai

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Renowned Wall Street investor, author, fund manager, and Chairman of Rockefeller International, Ruchir Sharma, will be the guest at Express Adda in Mumbai on Monday. Sharma is also the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Breakout Capital, an investment firm focusing on emerging markets.

Sharma is known for his ability to connect politics, economy, and global affairs to identify emerging patterns and provide insights on the big picture. His extensive writing on global economies offers deep insights into their growth and slowdown, making his observations highly valued by policy makers worldwide, including in India.

In his best-selling book “Breakout Nations: In Pursuit of the Next Economic Miracles” and other works, Sharma presents a compelling argument on which nations will thrive or falter in the global economy post the 2008 crisis. He emphasizes the unpredictability of forecasting the future century and being accountable for it.

Having joined Rockefeller in 2022 after a successful 25-year career at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, Sharma will discuss the latest global and national economic trends at the Express Adda event. He will be in conversation with Anant Goenka, Executive Director, and Shyamal Majumdar, Editor, Financial Express, sharing his views on the post-pandemic economic landscape, elevated interest rates, and the upcoming 2024 general elections.

Passionate about politics, Sharma has covered every national election in India since 1998, leading trips with journalist friends to interview local voters and national leaders. His experiences are captured in his book “Democracy on the Road: a 25-year Journey Through India.”

Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence H Summers praised Sharma as a shrewd observer of emerging markets whose insights are crucial for shaping the global economy’s future. Apart from his investment expertise, Sharma is also dedicated to athletics, wildlife, and cinema, participating in international film festivals and athletic championships.

Based in New York and Miami, Sharma travels extensively, meeting with influential figures from various countries. As a contributing opinion writer at The Financial Times, his work has been featured in major publications worldwide. He is the author of several best-selling books, including “The Rise and Fall of Nations” and “The 10 Rules of Successful Nations.”

Express Adda, organized by The Indian Express Group, hosts influential figures at the forefront of change. Previous guests include ministers, business leaders, motivational speakers, and filmmakers.

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