Center Embrace the Future: India’s Imperative for Space Militarisation

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Stating that the rapid militarisation of space has expanded the battlefield, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Anil Chauhan emphasized the need to develop dual-use platforms with cutting-edge technology in the space domain. He also highlighted the shift from “support” to “enhancement” in India’s approach to space.

General Chauhan noted that the increasing weaponisation of space has the potential to lead to conflict in space, enhancing combat capabilities across different domains. He stressed the importance of integrating space into military operations.

Speaking at the Indian DefSpace Symposium organized by the Indian Space Association (ISpA), Gen Chauhan discussed the necessity for India to build offensive and defensive capabilities in space, including expanding the Navic constellation and improving space-based intelligence and communication.

He also mentioned the importance of enhancing space situational awareness and developing partnerships with friendly nations in the space domain. The symposium coincides with the government’s focus on space, including the Mission DefSpace initiative launched by the Prime Minister last year.

Air Vice Marshal D V Khot from the Defence Space Agency highlighted the advancements in India’s space ecosystem, emphasizing the need for each element to meet performance thresholds. He also mentioned the potential for dual-use technologies to be adapted for defense purposes.

Dr. Samir V Kamat from the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) discussed the organization’s increased focus on space surveillance and protection of space assets. He emphasized collaboration with industry and academia to develop space technologies.

Lt Gen A K Bhatt (Retd) from ISpA expressed his hopes that the symposium would facilitate international space cooperation and the development of a comprehensive space strategy.

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