Center Electoral Trusts Donations Report 2020-21: Transparency and Accountability

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Seven Electoral Trusts reported receiving a total of Rs 258.4915 crore from corporates and individuals during 2020-21. They distributed Rs 258.4301 crore to various political parties.

The report noted that one of the trusts received 82.05% of the total donations received by all parties from Electoral Trusts, amounting to Rs 212.05 crore.

Prudent Electoral Trust, one of the largest Electoral Trusts, donated Rs 209.00 crore to the BJP in 2020-21, compared to Rs 217.75 crore in 2019-20. Jaybharath Electoral Trust also donated Rs 2 crore to the BJP during this period, and Prudent Electoral Trust donated to seven political parties.

Among corporates, Future Gaming Hotel Services was the top contributor with Rs 100 crore, followed by Haldia Energy India Ltd with Rs 25 crore and Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited with Rs 22 crore.

A total of 159 individuals contributed to Electoral Trusts in 2020-21, with the top 10 donors contributing Rs 223 crore, accounting for 86.27% of the total donations received by the trusts.

Small Donations Electoral Trust donated Rs 3.31 crore to the Congress, and JDU received Rs 27 crore, which was 10.45% of the total donations received by all parties from the seven Electoral Trusts.

In its recommendations, ADR called for greater transparency in disclosing the details of donors to Electoral Trusts and penalizing trusts that do not comply with guidelines. It also urged corporations to make their political contributions public through their websites.

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