Central Lack of Genuine Political Will to Fight Terrorism: India Condemns UN’s Failure to Proscribe Terrorists

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India criticized the United Nations for failing to proscribe established terrorists due to “petty geopolitical interests,” indicating a lack of genuine political will to combat terrorism. This statement came after China blocked a proposal at the UN.

Prakash Gupta, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of External Affairs, expressed concern at the UN counter-terror meeting, stating that the failure to list Sajid Mir under the UN Security Council Sanctions Regime despite widespread support raises questions about the effectiveness of global counter-terrorism efforts.

Gupta emphasized the need to avoid double standards and the distinction between “good terrorists vs bad terrorists” in addressing terrorism.

China’s recent action to block the proposal to blacklist Sajid Mir as a global terrorist, despite his involvement in the 26/11 attacks and a USD 5 million bounty on his head, raises concerns about the international community’s commitment to combating terrorism. This issue has also impacted Pakistan’s standing with the FATF.

Sajid Mir, a notorious terrorist wanted by India, was recently sentenced to over 15 years in prison for terror financing. Despite previous claims of his death by Pakistani authorities, doubts remain, leading to skepticism from Western countries.

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