“Supreme Court Transfers Investigation Against Former Mumbai Police Commissioner to CBI – Upholding Impartiality and Transparency”

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The Supreme Court transferred the investigation against former Mumbai police commissioner Param Bir Singh to the CBI on Thursday amid opposition from Maharashtra.

Justices S K Kaul and M M Sundresh stated that the situation at the higher levels in Maharashtra was troubling, leading to the transfer of the investigation.

The state was directed to suspend departmental proceedings against Singh until the CBI completes its probe into the five transferred FIRs. Any future FIRs against Singh will also be transferred to the CBI.

Singh, who faces cases of extortion, corruption, and misconduct, was removed as police chief due to his handling of the Antilia bomb scare case.

The court’s ruling came after Singh challenged a Bombay High Court order that denied transferring the cases against him to the CBI.

The objective is to instill confidence in the police force through an impartial investigation, according to Justices Kaul and Sundresh.

The court rejected Maharashtra counsel Darius Khambatta’s argument that the FIRs were a result of a power struggle.

An independent probe is necessary to determine the truth behind the allegations, according to the court.

The court granted Singh relief by directing Maharashtra Police not to arrest him in criminal cases.

The CBI will conduct an impartial inquiry into the allegations against Singh.

The court expressed doubts about the timing of events and the administration’s handling of the situation.

The court emphasized the need for an independent investigation due to the ongoing battle between top officials.

The court directed the CBI to transfer case records within a week.

The court criticized Maharashtra’s arguments against transferring the probe to the CBI.

Justice Kaul highlighted the need for an inquiry into the murky affairs involving top officials.

The court emphasized the importance of investigating the allegations against Singh to restore public faith in the police force.

An impartial investigation is crucial to uncover the truth behind the allegations and the ongoing power struggle between top officials.

The court addressed concerns about demoralizing the police force and the need for a thorough investigation into the matter.

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