Central Stand Against Persecution: Pakistan and India Clash Over Minority Rights

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Pakistan has rejected the Indian External Affairs Ministry’s comments regarding the vandalism at a Hindu temple in Karachi, while Delhi has urged Islamabad to ensure the safety of minorities in the country. This exchange occurred shortly after Pakistan issued a statement condemning derogatory remarks made by two BJP leaders about Prophet Mohammad.

MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi stated on Thursday evening, “We have taken note of the recent incident of vandalism at a Hindu temple in Karachi. We view this as part of the ongoing persecution of religious minorities. We have expressed our protest to the Government of Pakistan and once again call on them to safeguard the well-being of minority communities.”

A mob attacked a temple and the priest’s house in Karachi on Wednesday night.

In response to Bagchi’s comments, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry released a statement rejecting the remarks concerning the incident at the Hindu temple in Karachi. They emphasized that unlike the violence against Muslims in India, Pakistan is actively addressing the issue and taking action against the perpetrators.

Pakistan advised the Indian Government to protect the rights and places of worship of minorities, particularly Muslims, who are facing attacks from extremist groups.

Regarding the controversy surrounding the BJP leaders’ comments, Islamabad called for strong condemnation and action from the Indian government. They highlighted the need for healing the suffering of Muslims in India and around the world.

Pakistan was among several Islamic countries that condemned the BJP leaders’ comments. Bagchi criticized Pakistan’s stance, citing the persecution of minorities in Pakistan and emphasizing India’s respect for all religions.

Bagchi urged Pakistan to focus on protecting its minority communities instead of promoting communal discord and engaging in alarmist propaganda.

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