Central Strengthening Defence Cooperation: India and Romania Sign Pact

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India and Romania have recently signed a defense agreement, with Simona Cojocaru, the Deputy Minister of Defense for Romania, meeting with Defense Secretary Giridhar Aramane in New Delhi. During the meeting, Cojocaru stated that the signing of their first Defense Cooperation Agreement is the main focus of her visit, laying the groundwork for practical cooperation between their armed forces and enhancing their bilateral defense agenda.

In light of the current challenging global environment, Cojocaru emphasized the need for both Romania and India to play a constructive role in overcoming these challenges and strengthening democratic societies based on the principles and values of the UN Charter. She highlighted the importance of the defense pact as a foundation for establishing and expanding their military relationship, providing opportunities for collaboration in various fields of mutual interest, including military education, training, cyber defense, and military history.

Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Cojocaru condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression, which has brought numerous challenges to the region and threatens stability and security. She expressed full solidarity with Ukraine and mourned the loss of human lives due to indiscriminate attacks by Russian forces. Romania, along with its like-minded partners, stands against tyranny, dictatorship, and the distortion of European history, emphasizing the importance of upholding the rule-based international order and shared values of democratic societies.

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