Central Embrace India’s Identity: Minister Jaishankar’s Call to Engage the World Confidently

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During the Raisina dialogue, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized the importance of India engaging with the world based on confidence in its own identity rather than seeking approval from the global community. He stressed the need to move past the notion of needing validation from other countries. Jaishankar stated, “We must have faith in our own identity. It is more effective to interact with the world based on our own true selves rather than trying to conform to external expectations. The era of seeking approval from others should be left behind.”

Discussing India’s journey over the past 75 years post-Independence at the same session, Jaishankar emphasized the importance of not approaching the world with a sense of entitlement. He emphasized the need for India to earn its place on the global stage by showcasing how the world benefits from India’s growth.

When asked about the country’s priorities in the next 25 years, Jaishankar highlighted the importance of focusing on developing capabilities across various sectors.

Regarding the crisis, Jaishankar suggested that the best approach would be to prioritize dialogue over conflict resolution. He expressed confidence in India’s ability to lead such efforts.

In response to criticism of India’s stance on Russia’s actions in Ukraine, Jaishankar defended the country’s position by pointing out the Western powers’ lack of attention to pressing issues in Asia, such as the developments in Afghanistan.

Highlighting India’s role in promoting democracy in South Asia, Jaishankar underscored the significance of India’s democratic values as a key contribution to the world over the past 75 years.

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