Border Security Force’s (BSF) North Bengal Frontier Achievements 2022

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The North Bengal Frontier of the Border Security Force (BSF) apprehended a total of 444 individuals from the Indo-Bangladesh border in 2022, including 237 Bangladeshi nationals. Among the apprehended individuals were 207 Indian nationals, including 175 men and 32 women, as well as one constable of Bihar military police who was found in possession of a large amount of counterfeit Indian currency. Additionally, 237 Bangladeshi nationals, including 186 men and 51 women, were apprehended, along with 12 Bangladeshi touts.

Over the past year, the North Bengal Frontier troops have made significant seizures, including 3,430 cattle, one jar of snake venom, and over Rs 7 crore worth of contraband items being smuggled from India to Bangladesh. These seizures were a result of tip-offs and joint operations with the police.

In regards to narcotics items, the force seized 77,454 bottles of phensedyl, 1,126.76 kg of ganja, 24,223 Yaba tablets, and 300.25 kg of brown sugar last year.

The spokesperson for the force emphasized that the troops deployed on the Indo-Bangladesh border are maintaining a high level of alertness to prevent smuggling, infiltrations, and exfiltration by anti-national elements. The spokesperson also highlighted the extensive border coverage of the North Bengal Frontier, which guards 936.415 km of the Indo-Bangladesh border across five districts in West Bengal. Despite the challenges posed by nature, a total of 874 BSF Mahila Praharies are effectively safeguarding the border.

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