Justice and Empowerment for the Sikh Community

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah stated that no action was taken to provide justice to the victims of the 1984 riots until the NDA government, led by Narendra Modi, came to power in 2014. Shah called the riots “politically motivated” and emphasized that no civilized person can forget what happened in the country in 1984.

Shah addressed a program of the Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee and highlighted that until the formation of the Modi government in 2014, no one was arrested or imprisoned. He mentioned that probe commissions were set up, but no concrete results ever came from them. Shah also mentioned that Modi set up an SIT and reopened 300 cases, leading to the imprisonment of the guilty. He assured that the cases are still ongoing and the government will ensure justice for the victims.

The Home Minister also mentioned that PM Modi provided financial assistance of Rs 5 lakh each to 3,328 families of riot victims and restored the glory of Jallianwala Bagh memorial. He added that the Centre has opened the way to give citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act to Sikh sisters and brothers who were persecuted in neighboring countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Shah paid tribute to the Sikh gurus and emphasized the Sikh community’s tradition of combining religion and work. He praised the sacrifices of the Sikh community in the country’s freedom struggle and national security.

Shah also highlighted the PM’s efforts in ensuring 33% reservation for women in state legislatures and Parliament for women-led development. He mentioned the tradition of women empowerment in the Sikh panth and the sacrifices of the Sikhs in the country’s freedom struggle and national security.

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