G20 Agriculture Working Group Proposals – MAHARISHI and Deccan High Level Principles

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During its G20 presidency, India has put forward two key proposals in the G20 Agriculture Working Group, known as MAHARISHI, a millet initiative, and the ‘Deccan High Level Principles on food security and nutrition’. These proposals have garnered a broad consensus among the members.

The Deccan High Level Principles, proposed by India in response to the global food crisis, have been deliberated upon during the Agriculture Deputies Meetings under the Agriculture Working Group. They are now being presented to the G20 Agriculture Ministers, who are meeting in (June 15-17).

The principles encompass humanitarian aid for vulnerable countries, improving access to nutritious food and strengthening food safety nets, implementing policies for climate-resilient agriculture, promoting innovation and digital technology in agriculture and food systems, and increasing investment in agriculture.

Sources have indicated that there is a strong agreement on these principles following discussions in the agriculture working group’s meetings under India’s G20 presidency.

Additionally, there is growing consensus on the millet initiative, now known as the Millets and Other Ancient Grains International Research Initiative (MAHARISHI), which aims to promote the consumption and production of millets.

According to sources, a broad consensus has been reached on these principles during the discussions in the agriculture working group’s meetings held under India’s G20 presidency.

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