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Whether you are searching for crypto exchange software for white-label purposes or for internal use as a business, there are several factors to consider. It is imperative to thoroughly analyse crypto exchange software, its advanced trading tools, trading volume capacity, processing speed, pricing, and many other variables. Otherwise, your software choice might not be as fruitful and profitable as you’d hoped. Let’s explore. 

Essential Aspects of a Digital Crypto Exchange

Consider the Pricing and Spreads

The pricing structure of crypto exchange solutions mostly consists of base commission charges, deposit fees, credit fees, and gas fees. Each of these expenses is quite manageable in a vacuum, but they could add up to a massive amount if your preferred crypto exchange solution is not optimal. 

In general, more extensive and centralised solutions have fewer fees since they effectively aggregate the prices from different liquidity pools and closely monitor the system to provide competitive trading fees. 

On the other hand, decentralised exchange solutions should have minimal fees on paper. Still, the automated market-making system of DEX can often produce bloated commissions due to the lack of human supervision. So, while decentralised exchange software appears to be a more cost-efficient option, the underlying technology is not polished enough to deliver on this promise. 

Decide Between Hybrid, Centralised and Decentralised Models

There are three major types of digital currency exchange solutions, each presenting unique advantages. Centralised exchange platforms are supervised by a central entity that approves transactions, monitors the overall system, and maintains operational efficiency. Naturally, the decentralisation and anonymity aspects are sacrificed in favour of convenience, simplicity, and optimal performance. 

Centralised vs Decentralised vs Hybrid Exchanges

On the flip side, decentralised exchanges are completely devoid of a central entity, only controlled by an automated algorithm. While these solutions maintain the core promise of blockchain, they often succumb to technical issues and are often too complex for average users. 

Finally, a hybrid digital asset exchange software combines the two elements, creating a decentralised system that offers a streamlined user experience without the heavy involvement of centralised entities. 

Hybrid exchange solutions have become wildly popular in recent years, providing futures trading, margin trading, and other advanced trading features without compromising the core concept of blockchain. While this niche is still in its early stages, there are more than a few competent partners you can potentially select. 

Assess the Variety and Quality of Trading Mechanisms

After selecting the most suitable exchange type, it is crucial to assess the trading mechanisms, features and complementary tools offered. Exchanging digital assets is only the tip of the iceberg in the modern virtual currency market. So, whether you wish to develop a WL crypto exchange platform or add payment processing solutions, equipping yourself with advanced trading features is critical. 

A proper exchange software should have margin trading capabilities, derivatives trading options, and some variation of social trading. Each of these tools can potentially help you increase revenue streams and attract a new audience of traders. 

Analyse Complementary Tools and Customer Support

Trading tools, currency pairs and advanced instruments are not the only points of attraction for a global cryptocurrency exchange. Today, digital exchange software also delivers live market data, analytics tools, trend indicators and other crucial digital mechanisms. 

Additionally, digital exchange solutions must employ robust security measures to protect users’ crypto exchange accounts adequately. Tools like two-factor authentication, KYC, encryption, server monitoring, and firewalls must be employed to create a safe environment for trading cryptocurrencies. 

Best Security Features for Exchanges

Finally, customer support shouldn’t be overlooked. Digital exchange software solutions are prone to technical errors, system delays and various bugs. So, having a responsive customer support portal can help your business resolve most issues on the spot. As a result, your crypto exchange solution will work as intended and experience no problems with performance. 

Don’t Forget the Legal Concerns

Due to its inherent nature, the crypto industry is still quite volatile and risky. The lack of supervisory bodies enhances users’ freedom but also creates a hostile environment that empowers malicious attackers. So, obtaining regulated crypto exchange software should be a top priority, even above technical prowess and feature quality. 

It is advisable to seek exchange solutions that have the approval of the SEC, FinRA, and corresponding bodies in the USA or Europe region, as these regulatory entities have demonstrated the most competence in dealing with crypto security concerns. Global digital asset exchange platforms are often tightly regulated, offering the highest level of protection for users, partners, and stakeholders in general. 

Final Thoughts – Finding a Digital Exchange Software that Fits Your Needs

Digital asset exchange software solutions have conquered the crypto market. Since crypto trading, investment, and payments have become popular globally, digital exchanges are more valuable than ever for the blockchain landscape. Finding a perfect platform can help your business in various ways, whether you wish to offer WL services or implement payment functions for B2B purposes. 

However, market growth has made it more difficult to choose. With so many variables, you will need a lot of research and due diligence practice to find the most appropriate match. Following the factors outlined above will be a great start to your research, allowing you to ensure that all the core features and variables are strong enough to consider your chosen candidate for further evaluation.

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