Central Restoring Peace in Manipur: Urgent Appeal for Dialogue

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah appealed to the Kukis and Meiteis to “come to the talks table” and urged for the restoration of peace in Manipur. He expressed concern over the ongoing violence in the state, which has lasted for over three months.

During the no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha, a resolution was adopted appealing for peace in Manipur, and Prime Minister is scheduled to reply in the House on Thursday.

Shah blamed the Manipur High Court for “triggering the violence” but ruled out a change of guard in the state, stating that Chief Minister N Biren Singh was “cooperating” with the Centre.

He traced the origin of the ethnic violence to an influx of Kuki refugees from Myanmar in 2021. Shah emphasized the need for dialogue to find a solution and urged both communities in Manipur to renounce violence and come to the talks table with the Government of India.

Shah also addressed the timing of the release of a video clip of women being stripped and paraded in Manipur, questioning why it was released just a day before the start of the Parliament session.

Defending his government, Shah highlighted the measures taken to address the situation in Manipur, including the deployment of security personnel and the change of key officials.

He emphasized that the government is ready to discuss Manipur and criticized the Opposition for creating chaos instead of seeking a discussion.

Shah also mentioned the progress made in the state during the BJP’s rule, stating that militancy has almost ended and there has been no curfew, strike, or blockade.

In conclusion, Shah expressed confidence in the government’s ability to address the situation, despite the lack of confidence from the Opposition.

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