Center “Rahul Gandhi Slams Modi Over Global Brands Exit: Hate-in-India vs Make-in-India”

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In a tweet criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the departure of several major global bands from India, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated that the ideologies of “Hate-in-India” and “Make-in-India” cannot coexist. Gandhi highlighted that driving out business from India has resulted in the loss of 7 Global Brands, 9 Factories, 649 Dealerships, and 84,000 Jobs. He emphasized to Modi that Hate-in-India and Make-in-India cannot coexist. Gandhi called for attention to be directed towards India’s severe unemployment crisis instead. The post also included a list of seven brands that have left the country, including Chevrolet, Man Trucks, Fiat, United Motors, Harley Davidson, Ford, and Datsun. Gandhi and the Congress have been consistently criticizing the government on the issue of unemployment. (With PTI inputs)

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