Central Rising Fodder Prices: Politics on Cows

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Highlighting the rise in fodder prices, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury stated that under a government focusing on cows, animal feed prices are increasing. Chowdhury brought up the issue during the Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, mentioning a 27% increase in fodder prices. DMK member T R Baalu also voiced support for Chowdhury on this matter.

Recently, it was reported that the annual rate of fodder inflation in India rose to 27.66% in November, up from 27.31% in October and 0.68% in November of the previous year. Additionally, the inflation for ‘manufacture of prepared animal feeds’ subgroup increased to 7.76% in November, compared to 3.38% in October and 14.86% last year.

The subgroup includes items like cattle feed, rice bran extract, and soya preparations, with the highest inflation recorded by rice bran extract. This spike in fodder prices is the highest since June 2013, reaching 29.70%.

Despite the overall WPI inflation trending downwards to 5.85% in November, fodder inflation has remained high, exceeding 20% for the past 10 months. Minister Parshottam Rupala mentioned in a written reply that while fodder prices have increased, there have been no severe hardships reported for rural families dependent on livestock.

The Wholesale Price Index for fodder reached 225.7 in November 2022, showing a 27.66% increase from the previous year. This indicates a rise in fodder prices without significant negative impacts on rural families reliant on livestock.

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