Center India Takes Strong Stand Against Pro-Khalistani Activities in Australia

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India has raised concerns with Australia regarding protests outside its honorary consulate in Brisbane by pro-Khalistani groups. The spokesperson for the External Affairs Ministry, Arindam Bagchi, mentioned that consulate operations were briefly disrupted after the demonstrations on Wednesday. Prime Minister Modi also discussed recent temple attacks in Australia and pro-Khalistani activities with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on March 10.

Following their conversation, Albanese assured Modi that Australia will not tolerate attacks on religious sites and those responsible will face legal consequences. Bagchi clarified that the consulate is honorary, not a Consulate General, and while there were some disruptions due to a small number of protesters, it remains open and operational.

Bagchi stated that India has raised the issue with Australian authorities and emphasized that the consulate continues to provide necessary services. He declined to comment on unconfirmed video footage of the protests. Bagchi also mentioned that India regularly addresses such incidents with the Australian government and maintains communication through respective teams.

Regarding the so-called referendum by pro-Khalistani elements, Bagchi stated that India addresses these issues with governments of countries where such activities are reported. He reiterated India’s stance on the referendum and mentioned that it has been communicated to counterparts in Australia and other countries where similar efforts have been made.

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