Indian Government Welcomes Stay Order for Students Facing Deportation

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The Indian government has welcomed the stay order on deportation notices received by some individuals, noting that the actual number of affected students is much lower than 700. Sources familiar with the matter stated that the Indian government’s efforts have influenced the Canadian government to take a more compassionate approach towards the students. India has been actively addressing the issue with Canadian authorities both in Canada and back home.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar raised the matter with his Canadian counterpart and Secretary (East), as well as during his visit to Canada in April. Jaishankar also met with the students at the Indian Consulate in Toronto and highlighted the deficiencies in the Canadian system that allowed the students to enter the country.

The sources mentioned that the number of affected students is significantly lower than 700, with many of them having arrived in Canada between 2017 and 2019. Some have obtained work permits after completing their studies, while others are still pursuing education in Canada.

Canadian parliamentarians from various political parties have expressed support for the students, with Immigration Minister Sean Frasier indicating that Canada is actively seeking a resolution for the international students facing uncertainty. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recognized the importance of treating the students fairly.

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